Security Advisory for Log4j Vulnerability continues to monitor for all the vulnerabilities disclosed recently related to the Apache log4j2 vulnerability.
We have completed the upgrade of all the components using the vulnerable versions of log4j to v2.17.0.
Will continue to post updates on our progress here.

Background: The Apache Log4j 2 utility is a commonly used component for logging requests. On December 9, 2021, a vulnerability was reported that could allow a system running Apache Log4j 2 version 2.15 or below to be compromised and allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code.

On December 10, 2021, NIST published a critical Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure alert, CVE-2021-44228. More specifically, Java Naming Directory Interface (JNDI) features used in configuration, log messages, and parameters do not protect against attacker controlled LDAP and other JNDI related end-points. An attacker who can control log messages or log message parameters can execute arbitrary code loaded from remote servers when message lookup substitution is enabled.