Simple, yet powerful

Inkblok has been developed to streamline the process of signing, securing, and verifying the authenticity of your work. Our easy-to-use platform harnesses the power of blockchain technology, providing a user-friendly experience without sacrificing its robust capabilities and features.
The blockchain is a versatile technology that offers document authenticity, ownership, immutability, and tamper-proofness to the data recorded on it. Inkblok is dedicated to making this technology accessible to all, providing a seamless and efficient method for managing and protecting your digital assets.

Blockchain-based timestamping

Inkblok offers unparalleled transparency and accessibility through its use of the public blockchain. Any individual can access the public blockchain at any time to confirm the existence of a signed document and verify its authenticity. This feature allows for the easy verification of the originality and time of existence of any digital asset, providing a secure and reliable method for managing important documents and records.


For any type of work

Inkblok accepts any digital file format or size, accommodating up single or multiple creators & signatories. Keep proof of ownership strong as your work evolves by re-submitting Work In Progress. No matter the size or format, your digital assets are secure with us.

Simple and fast

Sign & secure your work with just one click, no downloads, code or manuals needed. Access Inkblok from any device while you create. Payments in US dollars, so no need to worry about crypto or wallets. Simplify the signing process with Inkblok.


Inkblok keeps your work private, we never upload or store it. The signature representing your work is published on the blockchain, providing a timestamp, tamper-proof, and unchangeable proof of existence. Your signature cannot be used to derive the content of your file.


Inkblok allows you to include your name and co-creators' names with the signature and make it public on the blockchain, or embed it in the file to keep it private but still verifiable. Choose the level of anonymity you prefer while keeping your digital assets secure and verifiable.


Inkblok ensures the authenticity and integrity of your digital assets. Once a signature is published on the blockchain, you and others you allow can verify the associated file's authenticity. If the file has been altered since it was signed, the fingerprint of its signature will not match the blockchain record.

Proof of existence (PoE)

Inkblok uses Ethereum smart contract to provide proof of existence, integrity, and ownership for your digital assets. Our Solidity smart contract proves file ownership without revealing the actual file content. It can prove that the file existed at a particular date and time and check for document integrity.

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We do the work so you can focus on yours

In one click, Inkblok allows you to sign and secure your digital work of any size and format. By publishing that unique signature on the blockchain, a publicly owned, global, decentralized ledger, Inkblok creates an immutable, incorruptible and verifiable public record of your work, all while never uploading your actual file, which always remains private and on your device.

How it works


Choose your file

Choose the digital file containing the work you want to sign and secure. Any size and format can be accommodated. Your file is never uploaded and your work remains private and on your device.


Create signature

In one click, a unique cryptographic signature of your work is created and published to the blockchain. Your public signature cannot be used to derive your work. Multiple authors can be included and can be shown or hidden from public.


Pay and confirm

Pay and confirm your identity to publish your signature on the blockchain. The entire content of your file is authenticated forever, and an email certificate containing all the relevant information is issued to you for your records.


Keep on working!

Iterate, refine, share, sell or license your work knowing it's protected. Re-submit work that’s evolved to create a history of it. Think of each new version submitted as an unbreakable link in the blockchain. Repeat the process as needed.

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1 signature

Email certificate

Access to Inkblok verification engine

Link to Eth test net for verification

Ethereum Ropsten testnet

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$1.99 (limited offer)

1 signature

Email certificate

Access to Inkblok verification engine

Link to blockchain site for verification

Binance Smart Chain (mainnet)

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Sign and secure your work

Generate a digital signature from a file and store it on the blockchain as Proof of Existence (PoE).

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